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Our service specializes in profile development for children, offering tailored support for university interviews and video essays to enhance their chances of success. With our expertise, we help children build impressive profiles, refine interview skills, and master video essay techniques, ensuring they stand out to universities and achieve their academic aspirations. Profile Perfect includes:

❖Need analysis of candidate and understanding the future goals.

❖Understanding the immigration options and the target countries.

❖Guiding about the various entrance test options(SAT/IELTS/TOEFL) and the recommended dates/months to take them.

❖Suggesting and guiding for internships.

❖Analyzing the candidate’s profile and guiding them to enhance it to maximize scholarship benefits.

❖Preparing the candidate’s impressive resume to be submitted during university application process.

❖Preparing the candidate for video resume. (2 sessions)

❖Preparing the candidate for video interviews ( 2 sessions)

❖Preparing them for writing an impressive university application essay .(2 sessions with multiple home assignments)