As an avid reader, dynamic storyteller, passionate writer, and concerned Sociologist, my journey has been one of continuous exploration and growth. Armed with a Masters Degree in Sociology and a prestigious Gold Medal, I've accumulated over eighteen years of experience in Learning and Development across the globe. My quest for knowledge led me to obtain certification from MIT in the groundbreaking concepts of "Theory U - Learning from Emerging Future", enriching my understanding of societal dynamics.

However, my pursuits extend beyond academia. Recognizing the profound importance of existential and experiential well-being, I pursued certification as a counselor from KU Leuven, Belgium. This endeavor opened doors to a deeply fulfilling aspect of my career: guiding adolescents, students, young adults, and professionals through the intricacies of personal growth and self-discovery. Whether providing psychometric analysis and counseling to students, assisting young professionals in profile development, or offering well-being counseling to face daily challenges, each interaction invigorates me with a sense of purpose.

My influence extends beyond individual counseling sessions. Through my writings in esteemed publications like The Times of India, Different Truths, and Spotlight, as well as columns and content creation for various companies and startups, I engage a broader audience. My book, "The Great Indian Dilemma", soared to the ranks of Amazon India bestsellers, captivating readers with its lucid narrative and profound message.

In 2019, I embarked on a new venture, founding "Brainastic International", a Learning and Development company dedicated to nurturing human resource assets within organizations. Drawing on the principles of Gallup Strengths-based training and the transformative power of storytelling, our mission is to cultivate genuine connections and deliver tangible results. We understand that the success of any organization hinges on the caliber of its people, and our tailored approach ensures that our services meet the unique needs of each client.

At "Brainastic International", we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, respecting timelines, and delivering on our promises. Our work in organizational development has garnered acclaim from education institutions and student groups alike, reaffirming our belief in the transformative power of human connection.

In essence, my journey as a Sociologist, counselor, writer, and entrepreneur is driven by a singular passion: to empower individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. Through my diverse experiences and unwavering dedication, I strive to make a meaningful impact on the world around me, one story at a time.